The Indian woman seeks answers – a hard hitting article by Dikshita Nath

India – The land of unity in diversity. Is it? Seems like this great nation had already failed to maintain itsintegrity.
The days are getting gloomy and darker. There is social unrest and asense of insecurity for the whole woman race.

Be it a young girl or an old aged lady. Where shall they hide to keep themselves safe? Shall they wear an invisible mask or shall they keep themselves inside the four walls?

The brave girl lost her life. She had dreams too. Her family loved her. She had been a very good daughter.She had her dreams high. But who would have known that she would have died in utter pain and grief. But shewas definitely a brave girl. She had the courage to keep fighting for her life.

She was not the first girl of the nation who had lost it all.Every morning the newspapers flash out at least one small story of a woman or a girl or even a kid getting raped.

Is it to blame on all the men? Or is it that the nation takes rapeas a day to day normal activity? Is rape as simple as drinking water? Is that why the government ignoresall these matters?

People are crying out loud but the government is only finding better ways to keep the general public at rest. Too much of lip singing would nothelp further.

Either leave the rapists to the general public to solve the issues ortake responsibility yourself dear Government. What is the point in crying and protesting if there lies dirty and lazy politics everywhere?

Politicians make lame comments and let the female race suffer for the worse. It has been a sick and tired time of expecting some actions fromthe government.

The police in several cases instead of helping the victims either ignore or get the sadistic pleasure to rape the victim further.

It would be inappropriate to say that men are dogs but then men RAPE.

I think the rapists should be allowed to live their life with penectomy andlife imprisonment. Would that help?

Only had the government taken stringent measures?
“Government” – Stop your political powers to manipulate people. No one isa fool. You have the power so that doesn’t mean that people would stay mute.

When is the next course of action? Sexual harassment has become a crime on a day to day basis.

I am a girl myself. I need security. The girls of this nation need security. How doI feel safe when there are these demons getting restless to harass any female? We need a proper reply and proper action ASAP.

Not a delay in one single day would be handled.

The brutal killing of a young lady has put an agitation and has shaken the conscious of the Indian Society. Do not ask – “How do we deal with such cases?” Answer us “Yes we have dealt with it and the women are safe.” Debates won’t help. We need security.
Hoping that this matter would be taken into light.

Dikshita Nath is an Indian woman whom I met on facebook yesterday. She too is a change agent.


Let me know what you are thinking. . .

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