Voices for Damini – our humble initiative.

Hello friends,
I intend to provide an update to the current situation.
One would expect crime rates to go down in India, if not out of moral cleansing, then out of a general fear of public outcry and punishment.

But, I am so darn wrong to assume this. 4 more cases of rape and molestation have come to light, and in one of the cases, one of the victims has passed away. The youngest new victim is a twelve year old. And the oldest is in her forties.

It seems the rapists have taken it as a challenge. “DO WHAT YOU CAN! WE WILL RAPE ANYWAY!” – Is it this sense of desperation that works in the rapists now?

Or are they too confident about the lawlessness of the State?
My dear friends, I do not understand. I try. But I fail.

Do you see any rationale behind this? If yes, explain in your comments.

I’ve often written here on my blog that sometimes I feel that blogging is not enough. I need to do something more active, more tangible. But what can I do? Please suggest ideas.

I am about to launch my humble initiative about Damini. No I do not wish to create a ruckus. I do not want this to be a forgotten case. I don’t want this to fizzle out.

So I will take a moment to explain my initiative. When I didn’t have this blog, I was an angry individual but had no medium to vent to. With this singular idea, I create this new category on my blog “VOICES FOR DAMINI”. I’ll encourage people to submit write ups, tributes, rants, suggestions – ANYTHING ABOUT CRIME AGAINST WOMEN.

If you are a blogger and don’t want to submit your article on my blog then write it on your own blog, and please link back to this post. Please.

If you don’t blog but have to vent, send your articles to – subhodasgupta16@gmail.com

I’ll publish it. No questions asked. If you write in Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, then send it in those languages only. I’ll translate it into English. You don’t have to write well. Don’t worry about grammar, sentence construction. I’ll edit them for you.


Can you give me that?

If you don’t want to write, but still want to help this initiative, then please do me a favour.

Share this on facebook, twitter, or every other social media conceivable.
Tell your writer friend.

Please help me.

I can’t promise you anything, but I can assure you that your views will be published on the internet.

And it will stay forever even after you die. Maybe one day your grandchildren will read your article and feel proud. Just maybe.
Thank you for hearing me out.

P.S. : send a little information about yourself along with the article. Not much. Name, age, place.


51 comments on “Voices for Damini – our humble initiative.

  1. Beechmount says:

    Dear Subh

    The most powerful tool in a democracy is people’s vote. Politicians fight to get it during elections, but the power of an individual vote does not count for much. Large organizations, whose views have a common denominator -who desires specific changes to the laws and government policies can have enormous influence if the organization is large enough in terms of numbers, and thus votes. I don’t know what sort of women organizations they have in India, but I have not heard of any that have tried to make a change for the betterment of women in India. Perhaps the time has come to create a completely new women’s organization, whose sole purpose is to create a large-if not huge, body of women in India that can tell the politicians what sort of policies they want implemented if they want their votes. IWFC comes to mind as a name (Indian Women For Change), but enumerable other possibilities for a name exists.

    In North America, politicians must listen to a number of organizations in order to get their vote, and implement policies that that these groups desire. In the US, they have the Latino vote, the black vote, the Jewish vote and the Christian right-wing vote–amongst others to consider. The more members (voters) an organization has, the more likely it is to get what it wants.

    Following the tragic event of the rape and consequent death of Damini, I should think that someone with strong organizational skills could be very successful in creating a super-powerful, national women’s organization, which could wield enormous voter clout and thus political influence. This moment, this very time in India is favourable for such a movement.

    Without political will to make changes in India, none will ever come about.

    • You are right. Someone with better organisational skills could’ve done a better service to her cause. But just last evening I witness the power of the individual (a blog about that is going to come this afternoon).

      Consider this a passionate, naive, yet full fledged attempt of a 22-year old Indian with zero contacts, zero money, but a heart that feels.

  2. soumyav says:

    a great initiative subh!

  3. Gilraen says:

    I think you are doing something incredibly good. I am totally impressed. I really hope your initiative will be heard.
    Thanks from just a woman that really appreciates your thoughts on this

  4. A woman is never just a woman. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister. Please contribute in any form you can. Get in touch?

  5. Trisha Dey says:

    A really good one! I’ll get back to you soon! πŸ™‚

  6. subhorup says:

    We all need to join forces to ensure that this tragic sacrifice does not go in vain. Appreciate your effort. Sharing.

  7. Raju says:

    Just a thought though, how many of our elected politicians or their kin are already charged with rape and are pending trial? This might also be acting as deterrent to a stronger punishment.

  8. sibichen says:

    Good effort. I will try to contribute!

  9. Count me in. I will try to be a part of this in initiative in whatever way possible. Let our voices be heard. As you said let there be a societal change at least.

  10. Contributions are welcome Allwin. Send that at my email id. RAW UN EDITED VOICE OF ANGST.

  11. sridevi says:

    Yes we need initiatives like this ..can I send you a link to my blog post ?

  12. Trisha Dey says:

    Reblogged this on Silent Confessions… and commented:
    This is a genuine endeavour of a friend of mine to keep the Fire Of Change burning and not to let Damini’s issue fade away!!!
    Dearest friends, please put in your voices too! We hope for a Better future, a Better Society and a life full of Dignity for women in India!!
    Raise your voice! NO MORE CYNICISM!

  13. Thanks a lot, Trisha! NO MORE CYNICISM.

  14. Good initiative. Sharing. Doing what I can.

    I daresay, a different take on things. Here is the link:


  15. The youngest is actually 3 years old, although I am talking about pan-Indian scenario. See this:

  16. subhorup says:

    There is an effort on Facebook to put together a group and resources against gender violence that might be pertinent here. The need is for concrete action to be taken. Do check out and join this FB group called Say No To Violence Against Women and participate in the dialog. https://www.facebook.com/groups/234985116635407/

  17. Thanks for informing. Will certainly join.

  18. Snehal Sahay says:

    I appreciate this…and was fishing for an answer myself…
    I will sure contribute, but dont know when..it may take time-a long time may be. I m too full of work these days, but would love to help.

    May be, next week,
    Will that be fine?

  19. Absolutely. My diary is filled to the brim and some more up to next week. Will feature your article in the third week of jan.

  20. Hats off to your initiation Subhabrata. I just happened to write a post on my blog. Here’s the link http://www.beingnamrata.com/2013/01/lets-stand-up-for-her.html


    • Beechmount says:

      I read your blog post and left a comments-which disappeared into thin air, but–why don’t you join forces with Subh and suggest some means or ideas that you think can make a difference. All of you bloggers will individually not make an ounce of difference, but if you work together and come up with some practical approaches to change the way society behaves — and I should think a majority of its members are decent, law abiding citizens, who behave in a civilized manner. No society will ever create a utopic world where no-one breaks the rules and laws but if children receives an appropriate upbringing and a reasonable amount of education, at least a foundation for respect and moral behavior has been created. You only need to think of the way your parents brought you up, to arrive at the conclusion that it made a difference to the way you behave and think.

    • Thanks Namrata. I’ll publish it. Will notify you.

  21. Daniela says:

    Dear Subhabrata,

    I am deeply touched by what you are doing here. To start with I was astonished to hear of rapes in India … because over the years and after reading some Indian literature I have developed an image of Indian society as one in which such acts as rape could not occur. Clearly I was very mistaken.

    I would also like to suggest joining forces with your fellow men and women and form pressure groups to force change.

    All the Best,
    Daniela of the Lantern Post

  22. Here are a few blogposts I have made over the past year or so, every time I have read of yet another rape, ‘honour’ killing or sex-worker’s plight. Hope they contribute to your initiative.


  23. Roshni says:

    What a great initiative!! I will definitely write something and let you know about it!

  24. i shared this on my fb wall Subh .. a great initiative .. much appreciated ..

    meanwhile read this poem my brother Raghav wrote as a tribute to the brave girl Nirbhaya


  25. kudos to your initiative! i have written something on this topic in my blog.

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