On Damini, Mahatma Gandhi, and a long overdue corpse.

Hello friends,
If you are reading this from India then I believe you already are abreast with the happenings.

I felt the need to write an update to the current situation for my readers who are based in countries outside of India. I wish to give you an insider’s account of how things are going on here.
This is a day of many remarkable firsts.

1. In my whole life span of 22years I have NEVER come across such unprecedented number of people coming out in support of anything.

2. I’ve never seen politicians being so mercilessly and openly bashed on news channels and elsewhere. The Chief Minister of Delhi was shooed away from the protest venue thrice, as people felt it was too little, and too late. Political posturing is not allowed. No politician dares to gather momentum from this. If there ever was a people’s movement this is it.

3. The Government is scared. I don’t remember seeing a Government so afraid ever before. This morning when news first broke about the girl’s death, the police transformed India Gate (it’s like India’s own Tahrir square) into a fortress. 48 companies of policemen were deployed. All protests were re located to Jantar Mantar.

4. The Government’s fears are unfounded. They had underestimated people’s maturity and composure. It was as if the death had had a calming influence on the public. People were as non violent as never expected. Silent protests, candlelight vigils were the order of the day. Not one incident of fringe violence was resorted. On this day I remember the father of this nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He must be proud of Delhi’s peaceful protests today. India has again show the world what non violence can achieve. We are a non violent nation.

5. The Government’s paranoia reached peak when 10 metro stations leading to India Gate were closed today. Just to avoid people from reaching the protest venue. Also she is reported to have passed away at 2:15 a.m. Local time on 29th Dec. It is 00:06 a.m. now. The date is 30th Dec. The corpse is yet to arrive. The internet tells me that a flight from Singapore to New Delhi takes a minimum of 5 hours.
Why does the Goverment want to delay the inevitable?

I’ll keep you updated. Thank you. Have a nice day.


6 comments on “On Damini, Mahatma Gandhi, and a long overdue corpse.

  1. soumyav says:

    i have been keeping myself connected thru the news even though Iam miles away from India! for the soul always wants to hear whts happening there

  2. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    Very true…much can be accomplished through peaceful protest.

  3. Beechmount says:

    Well written Subh. We are being kept up to date on the event here in Canada, with very good TV coverage. Like an Indian female journalist just said (on the TV) that it is not enough just to punish the guilty–the laws and attitudes toward women must be changed.

    It was good to see the protest was as peaceful and serene as it was. It was a candle vigil for her soul-very touching.

  4. Thank you. The morning she passed away, I said to my Mom, “Delhi will burn today”. It was happy to see it didn’t.

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