Is it a ‘happy’ new year? – a thought provoking article by Anisha Mitra

So she finally lost the battle, the battle for her life; but should we, the young, the middle-aged, the aged lose out on the bigger battle?

That’s the question which crops up now.

Yes, all of us know what happened to Damini, her brutal encounter with this appalling event that life threw at her, how she fought, how she bore the pain, her wanting to live, and how life said “SORRY”.
Her plight left us shocked and shaken and for once, many of us, even the silent onlooker many a time, raised our voice against the atrocities, the injustice, the humiliation meted out to women in our country.

We have united in solidarity and in protest against the lack of proper laws and its implementation on those cowards who commit such heinous crimes and get away with it, on those who take it as their right to malign and abuse women, the insensitiveness of our ‘so-called leaders’ who feel rape makes a person a ‘living corpse’, who feel if a protester is ‘beautiful’ then how can she be seriously protesting, who feel it’s always women who invite others to rape them.

But if there is one thing that disturbs me it’s that why many among us, the youth in particular, haven’t felt the trauma, the sufferings, the agony she went through? Just because it’s not me, or my sister, or my friend, my relative or my neighbour whohad to go through this hell? Why am I facing questions asto how I plan to celebrate 31 st December?

How come people are still planning out New Year bashes and parties? This is one thing that I fail to understand. Can somebody please explain this?

Yes, there are many such incidents which have happened since time immemorial in our society andare happening, incidents and victims about which we have never known, never cared toknow about…but this time we know, we have lived the last thirteen days of her life (though minus the physical and mental pain), we have felt a surge of emotions inside us, even if it was for amoment.

Then how can so many of us feel like celebrating amidst this grief….where is the humanity in us?
But then maybe this is like interfering in somebody else’s affairs. What another person plans to do cannot bemy concern.

Then why do I cry foul every time a political leader says something or a policeman charges us with teargas or water-cannons? When did they ever care for the common man to do something worthwhile? Rather, we should try something which we can do, something which maybe a very small gesture but that which may have larger and better implications and effects in the future…..that is sensitise ourselves, our families, the people we know and are close to about what a young girl went through, about what many women, young and old alike, go through in every nook and corner in our country at some point or the other in their life.

Let 31st December 2012 be not about celebrating but about reflecting and introspecting ourselves, about remembering a life lost just because she was born a woman…..
Even if one extra candle lights up somewhere in this country in memory of her as the year comes to an end, there will be one woman somewhere who’ll smile for one moment more….
Celebrations can happen onlywhen ‘the mind is without fear and the head is held high’….into that heaven of freedom my Father, WHEN willmy country awake?


Anisha Mitra is a 26-year old independent, trying-to-be-outspoken woman who doesn’t generally emote. Banker by profession, she also moonlights as an agent of change.


9 comments on “Is it a ‘happy’ new year? – a thought provoking article by Anisha Mitra

  1. Beechmount says:

    However much I agree with your words and the sentiments they convey, I have through many tragic events experienced the fact that “Life goes on” and such events that initially creates deeply emotional reactions far too often pass into the realm of forgotten history. There are, however, times when an event creates positive and lasting changes in society. Let us hope that Damini’s tragic end will become an inspiration for such changes.

    • Anisha Mitra says:

      Hope this time the endeavor to bring about those subtle changes in us individuals and the society as a whole do not get lost into oblivion….and that is where the initiative each of us take will matter the most.

  2. soumyav says:

    I agree! its been disturbing for me and hard to concentrate on anything else.

  3. Gilraen says:

    Celebrate her life, what she is becoming as a symbol. Your anger and feelings are sincere and right. Make use of them to make the change of the year something worthwhile for the future. She deserves it.

  4. Trisha Dey says:

    True words!

  5. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples says:

    I hope and pray that there is major positive change in the coming year.

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