The highs and highs of blogging everyday!

This will be my 28th consecutive post, starting from the 29th of November.
Earlier this year, mid-way through November, I heard of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). It’s a challenge that tests if you can post a blog each day for the whole month of November.
I loved the concept!

There are Writing Communities, Daily Prompts from WordPress to help you with the inspiration bit. It is like working out in a gym, where the ‘community’ feel of the thing helps you become regular.
You might not make it if you are doing it alone, but when you do it with lots of other people, you don’t have to look far for inspiration.

So, I too wanted to do it, but November was already half way over. Therefore, I decided to do it in December, all by myself. Just for the fun of it. And also to test if I’m up for it.

It is the 26th of December today. I’ve survived so far! I just have to make it to the finish line now. 5 more posts to go after this to complete one full calendar month of blogging.


1. As it is with every tough challenge, this too will test your limits, your commitment, your integrity. You’ll be writing through good days, bad days, sick days, festive days! At the end of it, I bet you’ll be proud of yourself.

And even if you do not make it, you can take pride in the fact that you tried.

2. It will make you a better observer. You’ll always be on the prowl for ideas. Every conversation, every event, every detail is important because you’ll always be on the look out for ideas to write about. Observation is a quality every writer desires to have.

3. You’ll take long strides towards building an active community of readers and friends. When you blog everyday, people treat you seriously. It makes them feel that you take this seriously; it makes them feel that you’re not just another blogger.

4. If you like to see your blog stats increasing, this should be a good enough reason for you to start. Personally speaking, December has been the best month for my blog in terms of numbers. My monthly stats have doubled from my previous best and it is still counting.

5. If, like me, you too like to learn new things, I’ll persuade you to give this a try. When you are writing each day, there are times when you need to read other good blogs too. For inspiration. For a fresh perspective. This has helped me. I’ve formed connections with other awesome bloggers, and I learn from their writing on a daily basis.

6. You’ll be a disciplined man (or woman) at the end of it. The general law about life is that you cannot improve one aspect of your life, without also improving your life in general. Discipline is a great quality to learn. You may argue about writing being an inspiration job, but the truth is that you also need discipline.

7. You’ll treat your ideas with a little more respect. Seriously!
Earlier, there were times when I used to shoo away any idea for a new post, when it seemed to be inadequate to feature in my blog. Now I don’t. Every idea is a blogpost in disguise. Maybe not in it’s present form. But just don’t discard it. Work on it. Polish it. Show it some love! And you never know. . .

8. Your confidence on your writing abilities will increase manifolds. And that is a wonderful thing! Even if you make it to 20 consecutive posts, I bet you’ll be more confident about your writing.

Try it!


7 comments on “The highs and highs of blogging everyday!

  1. So far, so good. Keep going… 😀

  2. soumyav says:

    I anyways do blog daily! except that went for holidays for few days.. good going for you!

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