Christmas prayer for Damini.

Merry Christmas!

This christmas, I pray for Damini, the Delhi gang-rape victim who now battles for her life on a hospital bed.

“Dear God, give this woman courage and the will to live. She must live. It is very important that she lives. It is important for India; for all victimised women in India.”
“Give her the heart to forgive, for I do not want her to burn in the fire of revenge. I hear she no longer has intestines. One can live without intestines. But not without a large heart. The News tells me she is psychologically stable, and shows no sign of sadness.”
“That is inspiring in itself. It is all your Grace. Let her get well soon, and live without any remorse, or sadness. If she survives this ordeal, let not her heart be riddled with shame. Let not her cover face with a scarf, like all other rape victims do. She has nothing to be ashamed of. Let her live with her head held high.”

“Give her courage, dear Lord.”


8 comments on “Christmas prayer for Damini.

  1. My heart goes out to Damini.

    God be with her.

  2. soumyav says:

    your wish says all!

  3. prafull says:

    damini you are very strong

  4. […] Christmas prayer for Damini. ( […]

  5. Being Humane says:

    […] Christmas prayer for Damini. ( […]

  6. rdp786 says:

    Punish the Politicians who are raping our Mother India!

    Why punish the rapists of Damini only?

    Every day the Politicians are raping our Mother India and throwing her out of the bus called “Progress”.
    Let’s ask our Government to introduce “Negative Voting”, whereby we can give -1 vote to punish the corrupt and useless politicians.

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