I am disillusioned. With the Goverment of India. With our honourable Prime Minister. With every leader who’s either in power or in the Opposition.

I really can’t find the human side in them. And this troubles me to a great degree. It took the Honourable Prime Minister of India 8 days to address a Nation, that is burning with rage. And when he did come out with a public speech, it was just a speech – like all of his speeches, read out from a paper in a robotic, monotonic manner with a deadpan expression on his face.

I’m trying to find the human behind Manmohan Singh, but I fail. Miserably.

Just this once, could he not address the nation just as Manmohan Singh, and not as Prime Minister of India? Just this once, could he not try to connect personally with every Indian who is agitated? Could he not speak from his heart, instead of a piece of paper?

Why does this democracy doesn’t seem like one, anymore? When Delhi police jawans mercilessly lathi-charge (baton-charge) young women, why does it seem like colonial India all over again?

When Home Minister, Sushil Shinde brushes away questions about innocent citizens injured in police atrocities as “collateral damage”, why can I not help seeing the similiarity with America’s position on Iraqi citizens killed during Iraq invasion?

These are Indian citizens we are talking about, Mr. Shinde! These injured people have Indian passports, they have their names, own identities! THEY ARE NOT JUST COLLATERAL DAMAGE!

The way President Obama addressed the Nation after Conneticut shootings was laudable. Our politicians and bureaucrats have some lessons to learn. They are politicians – the representatives of our people.

If they cannot assuage people’s anger, then they are failed politicians.

If they cannot interact with agitators on a personal level, they are failed representatives.

If they cannot come out of their A/C offices, and meet the angry people on the streets, and speak their language, then they are failures.

I am disillusioned, and so are many young people like me.

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4 comments on “Disillusioned!

  1. Beechmount says:

    I understand your disillusionment, but politicians are creatures from another world. They make all kinds of promises during election campaigns , only to forget them all the moment they are elected. If those people who were arrested for allegedly committing the gang rape of the young woman are found guilty I hope they will get the death penalty.

    Will be very busy today and tomorrow entertaining guests for Christmas.

    Be well



  2. Merry Christmas. Stay blessed 🙂

  3. I agree with you totally, the politicians often forget that they too are family-persons, they too are fathers… And I do condemn the lathi-charge but what about the policeman ho died because of stone pelting by ‘peaceful’ protesters, was he not Indian??

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