A letter from a father to his unborn daughter.

Dear child of mine,

I hope you are doing just fine in the warm womb of your mother. She spends a lot of time worrying about you, and if she is eating well. At times, she is paranoid.

But, I know that you are growing up well and strong.

You must be strong, my dear.
It is mayhem here. Suddenly, people seem to have gone crazy in the bid to satiate their bodily desires. Young women and even girls just a few years older than you are suffering here.

It makes me a little worried. I’m worried about you. In a few years, their evil eyes shall fall upon you too. In a few years time, you too shall be deemed as an object of desire only.

These are difficult times. I wish you could just stay put in your mother’s womb till people regain their senses. But it is not possible.

You will see the light of the world soon. Please do not be afraid. Your father shall be there at every step to protect you. Even if that makes him a possessive, insecure Dad.

I have got it all planned for you. You will start Karate lessons at 10. I really want you to learn the moves quickly and to earn yourself a blackbelt. I want you to feel confident when you walk out in to the world.

Your mother shall give you a discourse on dealing with strangers, and distinguishing a stare from a leer – a friendly handshake from an unnecessary touch.

I shall help you with your lessons; Mathematics, History, English. I want you to feel confident in everything. Do not let the world tell you that you are just a girl and that you’ll never amount to anything.

The world is wrong and they’ll realise one day.
But you must prove the world wrong about everything. If they tell you, that you can’t run well, then go ahead and win all the races.

If they tell you that women are bad at Mathematics, go ahead and win a Mathematics Olympiad.

If they tell you women are bad drivers, show them how cars should be driven.
I want you to fight prejudice. I want you to be the change. Inspire girls less fortunate than you and create an army of fearless, young women.

When you marry, marry a man. Not just a male. He must be honourable, respectful, and free of prejudice. He must respect you. Else he will have to deal with me. And it will not be a pretty sight.

I know it’s too soon now. But I want to prepare you for a journey that shall not be comfortable all along. I want to prepare you for a world full of eve-teasers and lesser men.
I want to prepare you for a life in India.

But, worry not, my child, for your father shall protect you. He has it all planned for you. See you soon.

Lots of love,

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18 comments on “A letter from a father to his unborn daughter.

  1. Jessica says:

    I wish there were more men in the world like you. You must have come from a good home.

  2. Thanks a lot. Your words mean a lot to me.

  3. Beechmount says:

    Perhaps this will become real some day!

  4. Supergirl says:

    I’ve read your letter to your teen self and now you’ve written something for your unborn daughter.
    Amusing. Keep on. We write to inspire. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  6. Trisha Dey says:

    Hats Off to you! Not because you wrote it but more because you felt it despite the fact that you too are a male born in this nation! If you have your own daughter someday, make her read this. She’ll feel blessed!

  7. Subh, you’ll make a great Dad! πŸ˜€

    and she’ll be a proud daughter. πŸ™‚

  8. I salute you for the words you chose to write this. Really heart touching

  9. Thanks a lot. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

  10. Rachna says:

    Heart touching words……life would have been so easy and fear less for girls if there were majority of males like u in this society. You will be a grt father……

  11. Monika Bakshi Singh says:

    What a beautiful letter!! A social message goes out so strongly out of it. In India, however educated a man may be, he silently houses male chauvinistic desires in his heart. Ex: a woman SHOULD change her surname post marriage , or at least adopt her man’ surname. He wishes to get A cup of tea when he isback from work, even if his wife works madly in an IT firm..the list goes on. Sad state if affair. But we gotta change this…women can!!

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