A better MAN.

There is anger all around. Protest marches, empty rhetoric on the News, angry facebook updates, and more. The Delhi rape has angered the nation.
Rajya Sabha MP, Jaya Bachchan was seen making a teary-eyed, passionate speech in the Parliament.

The incident has infused a common sentiment into the masses – Anger.

With anger comes it’s close cousin – Revenge. Young voices are demanding capital punishment for rape. Some others want death by lynching. Few want torture of the most inhuman kind to be meted out to the criminal.

But, where is this anger leading us to? Is any substantial progress being made?

I must admit that after a point, these mass protests and candlelit vigils tend to seem a little futile. We have to admit these are but, knee-jerk reactions.

Our cities are not going to become safer overnight. The police is not going to become more vigilant. Perverts are not going to transform to saints.

What are our voices going to achieve?

The saddest part is that when the dust settles down, no real change takes place. No new laws are put in place.

The rot is so deeply entrenched in the system that sporadic protest marches can do nothing to stem it. The virus is so wide-spread and fast-mutating that it is now almost impossible to administer a cure-all drug into the system.

There is no one-point solution to this, I’m afraid. Maybe we’ll see no real change in our lifetime. But we can start sowing the seeds of change now, so that the generations after us reap rich dividends.

Small children are our future. The future of this great nation, that has now fallen from it’s stature.
Let children be taught to love each other, to be good, to be moral. Let little boys be taught to respect little girls, and older ones, as well.

Let them be told that the female form is divine. It is the originator of life on Earth. Let them be taught that without mothers, sisters, and girls, the world shall become a dull place to inhabit.

Let them be told tales of Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, Rani Laxmibai, Mithali Raj – so that they know that a woman is as much capable as a man, and some more.

The idea is to stem the virus in the initial stages.
The first time a little boy says an unkind word to a girl, or uses physical force against her, he should be admonished and punished too. This lesson will remain with him for his life.

A little boy should be taught to pick up after himself, to clean his own mess, and not expect a girl to look after him.

These small things done now can bring great changes in the future. Anger doesn’t solve our problems. Anger makes us place the blame outside of us. With the advent of social media, it is now so much easier to vent one’s anger. I can write a blog and think that I’ve done my bit.

That would be hypocritical, though. We have to look inwards. We can take the first initiative by being a better son, a better husband, a better father – a better MAN. The onus is on us.


10 comments on “A better MAN.

  1. Jamie Furlong says:

    Possibly your best post yet, Subh. Bang on!

  2. Beechmount says:

    The rape case has been widely exposed in the medias here in Canada. We all feel discusted that this could happen. Put a minimum 20-year jail term as punishment for rape-death penalty if the rape victem dies. But will that be sufficient deterrent? I beleive the social status of women needs to be elevated to a status on par with men and treated as equals. We do here in Canada.

  3. Totally Agree with you.. Women should be empowered.. Somewhere I feel that our previous generations are also responsible (of course indirectly- I don’t question the way a parent decide to raise up their children).. For example if a family has a male child and a female as well the boy is given a bat and he is allowed to roam around anywhere in the colony, he feels the whole world is his domain where as the girl is given a doll and is asked to remain confined to the four walls of their home, thus as you correctly mentioned, it all lies within…

    • purva8 says:

      i completely agree, it all lies within.
      Not only the young boys should be taught to respect girls, but the young girls should be taught to respect themselves !! They should not silently accept any insult to them verbally or other ways .They should be given self defense lessons in schools itself, one year military training should be made compulsory for them. So that they are grown as confident young girls who do not silently ignore the abusive behavior and respect their own selves. The young girls should be taught that their value is not just in their face or body, its much more than that. They do not need to be always just “good looking”.They are more than a show-piece. The strength part is not reserved for just men, even they can be strong women.It all lies in the sate of mind !
      And it needs a change.

    • Discrimination starts at home. You’re right. It’s not a parenting issue, but long held beliefs that people can’t seem to let go of.

  4. avani says:

    Reblogged it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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