Three’s a crowd. . .

Two’s company, three’s a crowd.

Three throws off the balance and creates parallel communication chains in a simple relation.
Three creates tension and doubt.

The heart to heart nature of the interaction is lost. Suddenly, there’s no more talk. There’s just conversation; loose talk; distraction and a lot of noise.

Sometimes, a quiet time is very necessary. Three kills that.
Many a wonderful companionship has been dulled by the wicked presence of the third wheel.

Three just wants to be in the thick of the action. Three is close to none of the two, but, just hangs around. Always. And, slowly pushes out all other meaningful interactions.

Three wants to be privy to every detail of every happening.
And suddenly, there are no more special secrets.

Everything becomes a mere routine due to the presence of a three.
Forced laughter, stupid jokes, more loose talk – symptoms that there is an unwanted three.

Oh Three! How I hate thee!

A stubborn three is an indication that it’s time to flee. It’s time to make the trio a duo again.
By silently walking away. . .


8 comments on “Three’s a crowd. . .

  1. Mitali Das says:

    Awesm :-P. I knw d hidden meaning :-P. A very well executed piece. Loved it :-P.

  2. Britton says:

    Love the concept “three”. It’s true. But, sometimes (very rarely, though), it can be other way around. 🙂

  3. Beechmount says:

    In a love triangle-yes, I guess you are right, although there can only be one winner. With three people, however, you can have two for and one against or vice verso . If you only have two people, you can have one against and one for. If you have two either for or against something, a third person is needed to make a majority decision. I guess it’s called democracy.

    • If it is a friendship, then?

      • Beechmount says:

        Ahh- the third opinion in a friendship triangle-if he (she) disagrees, with both of the two others, he (she) is a rebel friend-a disagreeable person,–not a true friend. if agreeing against his better judgement, he is a fool, just trying to remain friends for the sake of it. He is deceiving himself and his friends, but alas, that happens so often in life, when we are trying to get along with our friends and remain acceptable to them. It often takes great courage to stand up for one’s own convictions and voice opinions that goes contrary to the opinion of one’s friends. The choice of friends is therefore paramount, since they must share your philosophy and ideas in order to be compatible. Much more can be said on this, but let this suffice for now.

      • for example u, pros and simu.. 😀

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