If the world ends tomorrow. . .

So, this is it.

Last day on Earth, if the Mayans are to be believed. Perhaps none of it is true, and the world will continue for a million years more.

But, hypothetically speaking, if this is indeed the last day on Earth, then how should one spend it?

Should one spend it in mad frenzy preparing a survival kit for tomorrow’s mayhem?
Or, should one spend it in quiet introspection, reliving one’s time on Earth?

I think I’ll opt for introspection. I was never the survivor type.
And, if the whole world is coming to an end, who would want to be the lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

Perhaps, silently giving in is better. None can fight the forces of nature.

If it’s curtains down tomorrow, I’ll die young.
Far too young for my liking. Atleast, I would want to last long enough to see the proverbial ‘full circle’ of life describe itself.

I’ve seen the dark side of life. I would love some light before it went dark forever.

I would love to be married. Once. To the one I love. Just to experience marital bliss.

At this point in my life, I’m an under-achiever. And nobody wants to die a loser. So perhaps I would want some more time. To silence the critics. To slap a few people. To show detractors that “I can”.

I would want to become a better writer. Now, that I think of the world ending tomorrow, I regret not having started writing earlier.

I would want to be a better swimmer before I go. I’m still to master the butterfly and breast strokes.

No matter wherever I look, there’s unfinished business everywhere. It’s too soon to go. Realisation dawns that I have not made the best use of my time here.

I have not been able to get my life in order. There’s chaos in every corner. I believe this is a valuable lesson to learn.

If every person was given a deadline by which he would have to die, I am certain that all of us would become astute time managers.
There would be no more lazing around, no more chats around the office cooler. There would be no gossip brigade.

Would that kind of a world be better?
I don’t know. It would be mechanical for sure.
Efficient, productive, but mechanical.

In a way, this world is better. Atleast, we get to speculate about the last day on Earth. There are no certainties. Atleast it gives us the chance to be psyched up about something, from time to time.

For now, it is 21/12/2012.

If we survive this, then there will be a new date, a new disaster movie, new hype.
We love being psyched about something or the other, all the time.

We hate dull, predictable days.


Even if it is the end tomorrow, I would die a content man. Within my abilities, I strived for a better life. Yes, I failed at times. But, I never gave up.

I think our Creator wants that from us – that we should never give up. Ever.

End of the world or not, this would be a story to tell the grandchildren. Best of luck to all of you for tomorrow.

If there’s no new post from my blog tomorrow, call 911!


10 comments on “If the world ends tomorrow. . .

  1. jesscy says:

    Even for one who has lived a long life, time is always too short. Yes, life’s phases may have been lived through, friends may have passed away, and the body may not be as young as it used to, but the mind can still be very sharp. No one wants to die. I suppose you’re right that a deadline might make all of us inclined to waste less time–or to enjoy life more… It’s unfortunate that we are such procrastinators.

    • But, at times procrastinating can be fun, no? It’s nice to stop by just to sniff a flower, or just gaze at the setting sun. This is what makes us human 🙂

      • Jessica says:

        You can procrastinate on watching sunsets, too. There are people who are too busy trying to “get ahead” in life to take the time to enjoy the little things–like sunsets. There are people who are too busy for their children, too busy for their husband/wives… But if you’re procrastinating on doing something work-related by watching a sunset, then by all means, watch away!

  2. Beechmount says:


    Fear not, you will get plenty of years to complete your life cycle and become what you want. Nothing will happen on the 21st- no huge calamities-no end of life as we know it. That will come later, by the turn of the century or slightly sooner.

    Cheer up and keep writing

  3. Not even going to entertain this essay with a considered reply. “Perhaps none of this is true…”? Of course none of this is true! The Mayans have been getting predictions wrong for centuries, but you know what? If it does end tomorrow you won’t be around to tell me “I told you so”! 😉

  4. Beechmount says:

    আগামীকাল শেষ দুনিয়া, যাতে তারা বলে

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