Delhi’s shame : I do not have an answer this time.

This blog’s author has always made an attempt to break down the chaos around him into simple, understandable, undeniable logic.
He has always tried to provide useful insights. No social evil, or mishap has escaped his attention.

He has tried to write for women in a country that is nauseatingly male dominant.

But, this time he stands without an answer.

How do I try to provide a logical explanation for what happened at Delhi?
How can I possibly answer why the hapless medicine student was subjected to gang-rape?

I do not know the answers. For the first time in my life, it feels so utterly futile to vent my anger. Because I know that no change will happen.

I cannot be optimistic anymore. What the F is the matter with this country? Why this mind boggling number of rapes every single year?

Is this a country of sex starved perverts?

I see only one single reason behind this. And I know many will raise their eyebrows at my reasoning.

The only reason behind the countless rapes every year is that sex is still a taboo in this country.
So much so that the perverts have to force themselves on girls.
So much so that they cannot have healthy, mutual sex with their girlfriends, or wives.
It’s a pathetic explanation. But I do not have anything better to offer. I am sorry.

I have good reason to believe so. For this was not a crime of passion. It was a crime of vengeance. Not only did they rape the girl, but also deliberately hurt her in a manner that she now battles for her life on a hospital bed.

Perhaps this was the revenge against all of the women who had denied them sex.

Perhaps this nation needs to start having sex more often.
Perhaps the myth of ‘purity’ associated with virginity has to be busted.

Perhaps then, crime against women will decrease? Will it? Share your thoughts.


10 comments on “Delhi’s shame : I do not have an answer this time.

  1. I don’t have an answer either and probably none of us have. 😦

    Where are we heading to?

  2. Manish says:

    Its sad. I did a little bit of research on the topic and found some facts that hint at something important –, please do take a read…

    • You lost me at Guruji, Manish.
      I have no faith in the inherent spirituality in our culture. It exists. No doubt.
      But it is out of context. We have an emergency at our hands. I’m not going to feel proud that India stands at 50, with 1.8 reports in 100000 of population according to some survey.
      You and I both know that how skewed these surveys can be. There’s rape everywhere and the worst part is the stigma, because of which less cases get reported. Fathers raping daughters, teachers raping students. I’m fed up.
      There is something seriously wrong with this nation.

      • Manish says:

        I would have probably not lost you if I had quoted Obama instead of Guruji 🙂 If you could read the article one more time, with an open mind (free of Guruji dogma’s), you would probably realize how the point I am making is right in-context. If it still doesn’t make sense… we can agree to disagree… 🙂 cheers mate!!

    • Not exactly a guruji dogma, Manish. (staunch follower of Vivekanda ). Just don’t trust the current lot. They themselves are indulging in molestations, and romps (eg : Nityananda). Nothing personal 🙂

      • Manish says:

        Yeah, I know… most of them are bloody fakes! I didn’t even go to a temple, forget about following a bearded man. But then… this guy… Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his techniques had the charm to convert me :p

  3. soumyav says:

    its a difficult and very sensitive situation! any amount of reasoning never defends the crime nor can it erase the impact and effect ! but simultaneously your thought certainly needs to be pondered,for behind every crime there is a reason. whether its psychological,physiological social, there has to be a flaw in every aspect in the upbringing and living of individuals that create such inhumans out of a simple human being.the animal instinct never dies and gets more reared up due to many reasons..and victims are the innocent ones who fall prey to such animals .

  4. Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. This incident left me numb… But I think that there is probably no solution.. Your solution that the country needs to have sex more often is not so much convincing to me because that doesn’t explain why so many rapes occur in USA.. There the myth of ‘purity’ of virginity is not prevalent and the literacy rate is higher, so is the social condition and standard of living of people.. Still rapes happen there..So I think there is no possible Explanation.. 😦

Let me know what you are thinking. . .

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