Does a blog really need facebook?

Yes, the title is self- explanatory.
Does a blog really need facebook?
At the end of the day, do all those likes mean anything at all?

Nowadays, almost everything has a dedicated facebook page.
Books, inner wear, the actor who can’t act, your friend’s one eyed cat – you name it!

It was with this mindset that I had created a facebook page for this blog. Another reason was that I was becoming increasingly conscious of sharing links to my blog from my main facebook profile.

It felt like shameless self-promotion.
So I went ahead and created a facebook page for the blog.

Next, facebook prompted me to send invites to people I am friends with to ‘like’ my page.(Again a form of shameless self-promotion).

Also, that facebook notification when you send an invite provides a funny read – “Someone has invited one to like his Page”.

How can I invite someone to like something? Isn’t liking a personal choice?

Also, I often find myself trying hard to figure out what to do with the facebook page. I do share links, post a few quotes, now and then. Apart from that, what?

What can a blog possibly have that can be shared on the world’s largest social network?

But, of course, if you have a photo-blog, then facebook could be just the perfect medium for you.
This is because facebook is all about instant gratification.
Instant friendship, instant relationship status, instant updates.

And, photographs provide that instant gratification. You could upload pictures in addition to sharing links.

People might not have time to read through your posts, but photographs will surely grab their eye balls.

But for purely text based blogs like mine, facebook isn’t of much help.
There isn’t much value created through facebook.

Visits from facebook to my blog are sporadic, depending on how catchy the titles of the posts are.
Months back, in July, when I wrote about rape and molestation, there was a deluge of visits coming from facebook.

I guess people want to read about rape.

But, as I shifted to other topics, the visits diminished.

I understand facebook is not the perfect medium for a text-based blog. After all, it’s a social network. People log in on facebook to check out what’s happening in other people’s lives, and to interact with friends.

But, not to read.

Currently, I’m thinking of deleting the facebook page for the blog, as I don’t find it particularly useful.

Facebook is for dynamic people. It doesn’t have time for a blogger typing away from his cozy abode.

What are your views? Does your blog have a facebook page? How do you use facebook for your blog?


16 comments on “Does a blog really need facebook?

  1. Tapish says:

    Yeah buddy! It’s the same story here. And I feel it’s same for more than 90% bloggers with fb fan pages! Bitter truth about fb or say, people!

  2. Beechmount says:


    I have linked my blog with facebook so that when I publish something new, it is advertised on my facebook page. Since I translate a lot of Spanish (Latin American) short stories to English, which students of the Spanish language from all over the world are using, Facebook serves a good purpose. As for the rest of it, including photos that get’s posted on my facebook page, having to “like” them is just a crock of s…, and that goes for all the comments that are made on this and that. Why I should “like” or not “like” the often stupid things that people write – it nauseates me- so I just either delete the comment or ignore it. I completely agree with you that facebook is a waste of time’ all but for promoting or selling something, but the teenagers today use facebook for calling each other stupid or posting pictures of their sexual attractiveness -whatever, No, Subh, I’m glad you can see through the haze of all the stupidity that constitutes most of Facebook’s reality.

    From a point of view of communication, I much prefer email. It’s at least fairly private and more flexible. As for blogs, one can control the comments completely and select those that one want to have as readers (friends is not an appropriate word- for I don’t know them). I’m on SKYPE and use this service to communicate with people I know, but alas, even in this environment, I get requests from people who wants to be my “friend”. Give me a break, I have never met them and never will, so why I should sit and chat with some local love-starved chick from Africa or whatever, is beyond me.

    Having someone as “friends?” on one’s blog is really quite a different thing, for that’s someone with whom I share some particular common interest, such as for example writing. We learn from each other- critique each other’s writings ) and that makes a lot of sense to me—like I critique yours-and you should mine – which you don’t– I don’t know yet, just how a short story (4000 words or so) would be like when written by someone from India, writing for the Indian market. What genre appeals to the average Indian?

    I have a question for you. Each year in about mid-November, I get hundreds of hits on my blog from India (they go for Latin American short story translations or essays I have written in English) and I’m wondering if this coincides with some exam or test for student’s of Spanish or English literature in India.

    Subh-do the right thing, but do what you think is right.

    Cheers from Canada

    • Your comments are always so enlightening.
      Like you, I too prefer e-mail and it’s shorter coursin – SMS.
      I must apologise as I don’t leave feedback on your stories. That’s because I’m still learning about writing. I do not know a lot. I’m in no position to critique your work. But I do read through your writing, and learn silently from it. I must thank you for the advice you give me to improve my writing skills.

      If you ask me, the average Indian prefers something in the romantic genre.

      I’ve no idea if there’s some Spanish/English literature test conducted in November. My theory is that November being NaNoWriMo month, a lot of people search for existing work of fiction. For inspiration. Maybe the traffic spike is because of that.

      Also, I’ve started a new category on the blog called “Bad Poetry”. Feedback on my attempt at poetry will be much appreciated 🙂

      • Beechmount says:

        I fear you may not like what I say on your poetry, for I’m just simply not a good poet myself, which means my critique would be based on an amateurs opinion. Please bear that in mind if I get up the nerve to remark on yours. As for the spikes on my blog in November-90 per cent of them come from India and USA (never-never land, where everyone owns guns)

        PS/ Don’t have such negative feelings about your writing. Fundamentally, you have a real possibility to become a good writer, but like all things in life-it takes time and practice. Be patient —Rome wasn’t built in one day. Your writing skills will improve as you study writing forms and sentence structures–and punctuation. I will be most happy to help you with all of that- but via email-it’s a bit more private and I really don’t like to critique you on your blog, where everyone else can read it. I want you to maintain your pride and self esteem-not to mention confidence.

        When will you graduate from University?



    • I really appreciate that gesture of not critiquing my writing on my blog. But even if you decide to, it is okay with me. I’m still learning this fascinating art, and like everyone else, I have a lot to learn.
      I shall graduate in 2013.

  3. jesscy says:

    I also agree. I held off for a long time on making a facebook page for my blog and certainly didn’t want to send out invites for people to “like” my page. I hate receiving those myself. But it seemed like all of the legit bloggers had a facebook page, and no one even knows your blog page exists unless you send out *some* kind of advertisement… Also, I have a lot of friends who follow my blog via facebook but who do not officially “follow” my blog… Currently I still post my stuff on both my personal page and my blog’s page. I hate the self-promotion, too. Not sure what I’m going to do.

  4. Kana Tyler says:

    Maybe the answers change depending on what type of blog it is, and what you use Facebook for… For me, Facebook is just something I use with family, classmates, actual friends–and when my blog posts itself to FB, my cousins or our adult kids can keep up with whatever’s going on our life. On the other hand, when my husband and I owned a restaurant, I had a FB page for the business and we paid for FB advertising–which turned out to bring in the most new customers (for the least money) of any advertising venue we tried. So if my blog were intended to publicize something (a book, maybe?), I’d give it a Facebook page. For now, I’ll just stick to the personal Facebook page with friends and family from my 3D life… 🙂

  5. It depends what you want from your blog. If you want free promotion then use it. The great thing about social media is that it is free, targeted promotion, so if you want to increase traffic to your blog then you’d be silly not to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

    My travel writing partner, Liz, has over 1,000 followers on Twitter and she’s only had her account up a few months. Twitter works really well for writers. Facebook, however, isn’t as useful, but that doesn’t mean to say she’ll close it down. Why would she? It’s free and it’s part of the marketing mix.

    Conversely as a photographer Facebook works well for me but Twitter isn’t so great.

    The main thing about social media is that you have to work at it. It is not a magic wand. You need to be active on it and make it work for you. I assume that because you have a blog you want the public to read your work. You want more comments and a wider audience, so to close down your Facebook account or not use Twitter is nonsensical.

    • I have missed out on that important aspect – that it is FREE.
      Looking at it that way makes much more sense. I might not be gaining something but I’m also not losing anything.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

  6. I do think FB is a colossal waste of time, and twitter is even more so. I do have a FB page, but I seldom log in. However, you are getting more comments on your blog than I get on mine,
    so you must be doing something right. Keep it up. It’s largely a matter of practice, so keep writing.

  7. go ahead…. you dont need facebook…

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