All about the “About” Page. . .

The “About” Page is one of the first things I read, when I’m visiting a blog for the first time.

It is just not enough for me to only read someone’s writing. I feel this urge to know that ‘someone’ behind the words.

There are some “About” pages that I absolutely love. Usually, those are the ones that touch a chord, or are brutally honest.

Example : Some of the self published authors I follow clearly mention on their about page that the blog was made to showcase/promote their writing.

I like this kind of honesty. They state upfront what they’re all about, and you can make a choice whether or not to “follow”.

But, I really hate those people who are not honest.

Example : I used to follow this self-published author who mentioned in the about page, that the purpose of his blog was to share insights on writing.

Which was a lie! Because soon, I discovered that he was all about selling his books, or publishing ‘paid’ interviews or promoting other people’s books.

I promptly unfollowed, feeling cheated!

There’s nothing unethical about selling your books with the aid of your blog, but the least you can do is be honest about it.

I’ve found this quality to be very helpful in blogging – Honesty.

It goes a long way. For instance, I write almost diametrically opposite articles on my blog. Ranging from articles on the Indian society, to a tribute to a beloved, I write about everything that touches my heart.

With time, I realised there’re readers who hate one kind of writing but are absolutely in love with the other. And vice versa.

The way out is to write tell-all Titles of the blogpost. This allows the readers to make a choice beforehand whether or not to read.

And they don’t have to read half a paragraph to discover that this was a waste of their time.

Also, I enjoy “About” pages that are a bit personal. For instance – someone writing about a city-change, or about motherhood.

No I am not a voyeur.

It is nice to know the human side of a blogger. Also I appreciate blogs that speak of personal feelings without inhibition.
Because after all, this is a medium for sharing our experiences.

Reading about someone’s experience and how someone dealt with a problem is so enriching. You can learn a lot.

I also believe that bloggers can be much more that just bloggers. They can connect, outside of wordpress.
On social network. Through text messages.
Through a phone call!

And I write from experience. I am very good friends with someone I met through my blog. We’ve even talked over the phone. He and I have lots of things in common. And we’ve made a pact in meet in the next 6years. Anyhow.

Blogging can be far more than just venting your emotions, and getting likes, comments, shares, and follows. Only if you’re willing to make room for the ‘human touch’.

It can be the start of a beautiful friendship.
It can all start from the “About” page.

How’s your “About” page? Is the “About” page important for you, or are you least bothered about it?
Do you even read “About” pages?

Share your thoughts!


8 comments on “All about the “About” Page. . .

  1. Beechmount says:

    Well, Subh, at least you are being extremely honest, but remember, it’s not everyone who is willing to bare their soul on a blog or (in particular) facebook. It’s worthwhile to keep in mind that what you write-what you have said can not be withdrawn.

    From: Rubaiat Of Qmar Khayyam

    The Moving Finger writes; and having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
    shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
    Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.


    I took that advise when I was very young and have not lived to regret it. So, Subh, if you bare your soul on the internet, remember the above before you commit it to eternity.


    • Yet another valuable lesson.
      Again, it’s something which varies from person to person. Not everyone will want to talk about their personal lives. Not all will be friendly. But even if I get one true friend through my blog, it is worth the whole thing. Isn’t it? 🙂

      • Beechmount says:


        Yes, indeed, it is always nice to get true friends, but are you sure the best way is through your blog? Impressions you get on your blog of someone may or may not be realistic. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of how a young man in India gets to know someone and become friends with that person. I should imagine the schools and University you attended would be a natural source for true friends. Do I read some reflections of your own experience in University (Math lectures) in your story? I have several friends from my high school that I still correspond with-they are true friends, but friendship, like love, has to be nurtured, otherwise it slowly dies.

        You are so young yet and numerous opportunities to make friends will present themselves. When you find the right ones, treasure them and make your friendship with them flourish, for family is one thing, but friends are very special.

    • Yes certainly it is not the best way of making friends. But, it carries the same charm that “pen-friends” stuff did. You get to know someone through their writing. It’s sort of exciting.
      I agree that educational institutions are the best places to make friends. In Indian or elsewhere in the world.
      Yes, there are parts of me in that story. (the part that hates professors with dead pan expressions and the mechanical nature of Mathematics). However, the protagonist is inspired from some people I know.

  2. Subh you brought a big smile to my face and really made my day! 😀

  3. Did I?
    I’m very glad I did.
    For sake of other readers’ and commenters’ information, Mr. Allwin Bright is the friend that has given me. So very glad 😀

  4. Gilraen says:

    Like you I always read an about page (or something similar). If there is no about page the blog to me looses a context, a frame if you like. It does not need to be a life story or long, just a little answer as to why the blog came to be or what it wants to show. Soul baring can be nice, but not required.

    Like you I have befriended people due to my blog, the most recent one last summer over my holiday. It is wonderful to meet somebody that you know, but at the same time don’t know. I think in my case it was weirdest for our husbands and we knew a lot about each other and the men well had no clue who they were meeting.

    • It must have been really confusing for both husbands! 😀
      Jokes apart, blogs without about pages actually lose readers, I believe. No one likes to read just chunks of information. The human touch is so essential.

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