You are magnificent.
My friend from a previous birth, you truly are magnificent.

You take away the guilt of a thousand flaws. Like ice on a burn wound, you soothe my soul. My calluses. I’m no longer restless. And will never be.

With you, I can be.
I can just be. The person I was destined to. There are no lies. And time just flies. While we move closer to a wonderful place. The place of our dreams.
When your hand clasps mine, and we roam this old city, I know somewhere above, the Gods smile. They smile at our folly. How did we not ‘see’ each other before?

The years of togetherness that we lost in pursuit of love elsewhere – It’s incredible.
But perhaps the timing is just right. We were not ready then. Or maybe something else.

I don’t know for certain.
But I have you now. And I have ‘us’. That is enough. To last a lifetime. And some more.
Your embrace melts this heart. This broken, spat-at heart.
And liberates me.

From hurt.
From disgrace.
From disdain.
From anger.
From pain.

You are magnificent. Truly, magnificent.


6 comments on “You

  1. But not awesome enough to elicit a comment from the lady in question 😦

  2. soumyav says:

    touching and very sensitive. love the sentiment behind the lines.

  3. Mitali Das says:

    Thank u. M speechles. Sumtms wrds r just nt enough 2 xpres d emotion or feelng. Aap milo, tab hum aapko bataayenge k kaisa laga 😀

  4. Oh! The lady in question has commented 😀 . You’ve made my day.

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