On grandparents.

“A child needs a grandparent, anybody’s grandparent, to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world”.
~Charles and Ann Morse

Grandparents are fun to have. They say grandparents and grandchildren get along well, because they have a common enemy!

But jokes apart, I believe it’s a beautiful relationship.

A friendship between two people of the most unlikely kind – on one hand, there’s a person who has lived his/her entire life, and now is in the final act of life, so to speak.

And, on the other hand, a little person who has just started his/her life.

The old soul has all the time in the world, and all the answers.
While the little one has all the questions, and he wants answers to them now!

One is restless, ready to explore the world, and refuses to rest. The other needs rest, and deep contemplation.
But, the little fingers grab that wrinkly, old hand and drag that old body all around his little universe.

No, I don’t write from experience. I wish I could.
I never had both sets of grandparents. But nonetheless, I had one pair of them old folks.
But, I never made an attempt to know them a little more. Perhaps I was too young then.

But, time waits for none, and a day came when I lost both of them.
It didn’t seem like a big loss then. Of course, there were tears.
But, to be honest, I wasn’t very close to them – Just the occasional visit during vacations.

And when I did visit, things didn’t click like the way they do in movies. There were reasons. Some external factors. I won’t bother you with them.

But, now that I am in that part of life that one calls “youth”, I find myself looking for solace and comforting words.
The comfort that only a grandparent can provide.

I want answers. Not the type of answers that a little one wants.
I want answers about life.
I want someone to tell me their stories of wisdom. I wish to know if I’m doing all the right things.

But then, life is imperfect. Not all our wants are fulfilled. I have to accept. Maybe I do.

But, sometimes, when I see others of my age who have a grandparent, I wish . . .

My girlfriend tells me how her nanny compliments her beauty, how she tells her that she’ll make a beautiful bride.

She tells me how her nanny takes her side in family quarrels.
Or, how her nanny is hard of hearing, and how they joke about that.

I miss all that. Maybe, I envy her a bit.

Let’s just say I’ve missed the bus on this end of the journey.

But, if I stay alive for that long, and if everything turns out well, I’ll make sure that I do a good job on the other end of the journey.

The far end.


5 comments on “On grandparents.

  1. True… Very True… A grandparent-grandchild bond is a very special one.

    As a child I did not have a healthy relationship with my grandparents. Specially with my grandfather. I vividly remember an incident where I broke the neighbor’s glass window while playing cricket with the folks around there. He reprimanded me.

    But then things changed with age. I visit my grandparents every Christmas. Now we go for a long walk in the evening, we build an x-mas tree, decorate the Christmas crib, I help him out in hanging the Christmas stars and so on. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Grandparents are such a special part of our life.

  2. Beechmount says:

    I was most fortunate in knowing both my maternal and paternal grandparents into my teenage years-indeed, one of them much longer, for he grew very old. I can truly say my life would never have been the same without them. They love you because they see in you a continuity of the family and life itself. They mentor you because they are wise and know so much about the in’s and out’s -the pro’s and con’s , the do’s and don’ts that constitute the rules and unwritten laws of society.

    The memories they created for me through their love will be with me till the end of my time.

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