Much food for thought!

This evening’s post is partly about “Self help”, and partly about my learnings from life. So there’s a personal touch to it.

I am really annoyed by these corporate groups who’ve silently come to decide everything for ourselves. And the alarming part is we don’t even realise it.

They give us dreams to chase, materialistic dreams. We are like those donkeys hoping to get the carrot someday.

In mad pursuit, we forget to stop and wonder if what we’re chasing is really worth our energies at all!

Think about it – a certain bike that you think you HAVE to buy, a certain gadget that takes away your monthly saving.

Are these really ‘our’ dreams at all? Are these needs or wants?

I access the Internet via a simple device. A Nokia C1 01. It’s a basic model and comes really cheap.
But it serves my purpose. I set up this blog using my phone.

And I’ve been running it for a year – successfully or not, that’s another matter.

I access the social network, read/send mails, download music, research for an upcoming blog, download PDF’s (and read them on my computer).

Everything with this phone.
Sure I can’t watch videos or Skype. But at this moment, I don’t need to.

And when I do, I simply visit the neighbourhood Internet Cafe.

I figured that this way I was avoiding spending a lot of money.
And saving it for a better personal goal.

My 11 year old student keeps me bugging about this.

“Why don’t you buy a new phone? This phone is so down market! It doesn’t even have cool games or 3G”, he said.

You witness the vicious nature of marketing when an 11 year old is spoon fed with perceptions by these adverts. Your blood boils when they tell you that phones without 3G or games suck!

I felt like telling him that I was around when the first cell phones came.

My dad got the first phone in our family. A huge Seimens model. Very heavy.

And sturdy enough to be used for aiming for an adversary’s head. Or eye.

But I didn’t tell him all these.
I realise there is a generation after me that’ll soon forget the basic purpose of having a phone – to make a call!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m progressive. There should be advancements in technology. But I’m a tad worried about this ‘web’ of perception.

The corporate groups are deciding everything for us. And we are like donkeys running after the carrot without applying much thought.

Can this be a good thing?


4 comments on “Much food for thought!

  1. The thing is people are addicted to games and stuff. Not only kids even grown-ups. And thus the obsession.

  2. Quite right. Even adults. Free thinking is dying.

  3. Beechmount says:

    The modern God is called “Consumerism” without which the world would return to a different reality, one that existed before the computer and the cell phone. I remember it well and look back upon it with longing. Back then, there was time to stop and smell the real flowers. Now, they come as digital images-without fragrance. While I have a certain nostalgia for the past, the kids today can’t wait for the next generation of gadgets-8-GB-16 GB-32 GB–what’s next? 50 terabytes on the PC.

  4. I believe that there are still people who stop and smell the real ‘flowers’. Surely, there’re more ways to live than the one we know. I’m sure we can do without the ‘must-haves’ of the world. What do you think?

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