Monk? World traveller? CEO? – Your choice.

Experience : that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.
C. S. Lewis

Don’t listen.
Don’t heed advice.
Don’t take the path less travelled.
Or the one most travelled.
Don’t feed from the spoon.
Doesn’t matter if it’s golden.

One word : Experience.

The most wonderful thing about being born as a human is the ability to choose.
From a plethora of choices. Good ones. Bad ones. Terrible ones.

There are no ‘rouge’ lions. Or desert rats. They don’t break rules, or disappoint their parents.
They are born. They grow. They hunt. Eat. Copulate. Bring new life to earth. Feed them. Grow old. Die.

They live. They don’t experience.

But we can. They say good advice is precious. It saves you time. They advise to learn from the mistakes of posterity. Or contemporaries.

They want you to be the lion. Majestic, king of the jungle, top of the food chain – but yet not a human. Not by a long shot.

But you have the choice. Of drinking coffee or tea.
Of becoming a Buddhist monk, or a corporate hotshot, or a man travelling the world in a boat.

The thing is you can be anyone you want. But the key is to be willing to experience life. To be unafraid of feeling your way through life. To be willing to fail.

Problem is that all we want is a well-charted life. A perfect life.
A life of sincere allegiance to the ‘track’.
The world market feeds our brains with clear definitions of rich, happy, wealthy, healthy.

It’s time we broke their stereotypes.
It’s time we actually LIVED our lives.
The way we’ve always wanted to.

Make the mistakes the world is terrified of. Learn from them and then SHINE. And before you know – a whole lot of ‘lions’ and ‘desert rats’ will want to be like you. But they’ll remain cheap copies.

Experience. Don’t just live.


2 comments on “Monk? World traveller? CEO? – Your choice.

  1. Very well said! The one thing that struck a chord with me was the line about wanting to live a perfect life. I think pursuit of this is the road to misery. Accept that life is not perfect. Accept the imperfections and learn from them. Accept that, as humans, we are not infallible, that we make mistakes. For me this is part of the journey, to continue to make the mistakes that the world is terrified of.

    • That’s exactly what I wanted to put across! Experiment with choices, and then decide what life you’d lead. There is no ‘perfect’ life. Glad to have been able to elicit a comment from you, Jamie! 🙂

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