That sinking feeling

He felt the cold water embrace his whole body, and a chill ran down from head to toe.

The first touch.

The first feel of cold water on the naked body is an experience that words can’t seem to describe, no matter how great a writer one is.
The water touches you – shock, sudden sensation, a bit of numbness.
And then – acceptance, meek submission. Then, there’s peace.

He was sinking and he made no attempt to save himself. He couldn’t. He looked calmly at the star studded night sky, ready to embrace death.

Just minutes ago, a car had made a sudden stop at the bridge over the water.
Four strong men had alighted from it.
Then, there was a loud splash in the water below.
And, the car had sped away.

As some water gushed into his nose, he made an involuntary, abrupt attempt to free himself. But the ropes were too tight. And the venom injected just minutes ago was slowly starting its work. He couldn’t move his legs and the numbness travelled upwards. Fast.

The water found free passage from nose to mouth and a sharp pain in his head ravaged him.
Then, his head went completely under water, while the numb relaxed lower body still floated.
He tried to keep his eyes open. He tried to focus. He tried to feel death. After all, he was dying for the first time.

The cold water met his hot eyeballs. A temporary feeling of relief. And then his eyes felt a burning sensation. He could no longer see the stars from under water, just the dull black night sky.

Soon, the struggle for air would start. He knew it.

But, he didn’t want to die like that – gasping for air. He had no reason to live anymore. And he wished to enjoy the feeling of sinking slowly.

Some wishes are never granted.


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