How do you respond to comments on your blog?

My blogging journey will soon complete a year in 10 days time.

One thing that has remained totally unchanged in this one year is my sheer enthusiasm about this blessed platform, about this new ‘voice’ that I have.

The contemplative moments when an idea for a new post is taking form in my mind – the adrenaline rush when that idea is transforming into words – that nervous moment right before I press ‘publish’ – finally, waiting for feedback on the new post.

I simply enjoy the whole drill.

But nothing compares to the joy I derive from a new comment on the blog.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I scream out a loud “YES! A COMMENT!!” in my head every single time.
The fact that someone cared enough, not just to read, but also to share his/her thoughts is really flattering.

I make it a point to reply to each and every comment (I don’t recieve many, so its not really hard work).

Of late, I’ve been to a few really good blogs. They’re really awesome – the kind of awesome that gets 500 ‘likes’ and 350 ‘comments’ on almost every post.

Soon, while browsing through the comments (which are equally enlightening), I discovered that these ‘awesome’ bloggers didn’t reply to each comment.

They replied only when a comment raised a question, or a stimulating point. Compliments didn’t recieve a reply unless they had something ‘unique’ to say.

Apparently, they didn’t want to ‘clutter the feeds’. Also, I am told even doesn’t recommend replying to each comment.

I’m sorry. I beg to differ.

Its basic etiquette! What do you do when someone comments on your writing, or attire, or anything else in the real world?

You reply with a courteous ‘thank you’.

Why then, is it so tough to replicate that in the virtual world?

Now, I must admit I’m not really into technology that much. I don’t understand what ‘cluttering the feeds’ mean. And I don’t care.

A person who comments on my blog is a treasure for me and the least I can give back to him is a courteous reply.

The world has transformed a lot. At times it is even unrecognizable in its current form.

Some things, thankfully, remain the same for me.
Etiquette is one of them.

How do you respond to comments on your blog?


9 comments on “How do you respond to comments on your blog?

  1. clara_w says:

    I will always comment on a fellow blogger’s post (assuming I’ve got something useful to say), so I’m right there with you. I think blogging can be many things, one of them, a way of finding support and the only fair thing to do is support others back : ) Great post!!

    • Very rightly said – “the only fair thing to do is support others back”.

      It is a symbiotic relationship. Not everyone writes at the same level. But comments, or feedback can prove to be useful encouragement.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ryan Kruspe says:

    I agree that its important. I may be late to see them at times but nonetheless I respond.

  3. Such a thoughtful post, and beautifully written as always. 🙂

    “A person who comments on my blog is a treasure for me and the least I can give back to him is a courteous reply.”

    Couldn’t have said it any better.

  4. Dave Higgins says:

    I agree that tidiness is a poor reason to not reply to a comment.

    I currently reply to all comments I receive and hope I will always want to. However I cannot in good conscience state categorically whether I actually will when I am receiving hundreds on each post until I am in that position; I know otherwise virtuous people who do not reply to all the comments they receive.

    • Thanks for your thoughts.

      You raise a valid point. What if I start recieving hundreds of comments on my blog?
      Will I also reply to each of them then?
      Thought provoking!
      Well I guess even if I don’t reply to each of them, I’ll surely leave a ‘common’ comment that’ll address a particular issue raised by some people together.

      For others it can be a courteous “Thank you to all for your thoughts”.

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