Why I blog

This humble blog of mine was started on 26th November, last year.

So, its been almost a year.

40 posts have been written so far.

But, I don’t have a one point answer to the question – ” Why do I blog?”.

I blog because I want to; because of the joy that I derive from every single ‘like’ or ‘comment’; because somewhere inside its a huge confidence booster; maybe because somewhere inside I’ve always craved for attention.

I simply don’t know for certain. The answers are many, and each answer is as good as the other.

I blog because I like to believe that with each new post, with each new ‘like’, and each new ‘follower’, I’m inching towards a larger goal.

That larger goal is that maybe, just maybe, someday I’ll be able to see myself write a novel. An honest novel.
I know what you’re thinking : “Oh come on! Don’t get too ahead of yourself, kid”.

I know. I’m just a blogger. I write discrete, less than 1000 word posts at a slow frequency. But maybe. Just maybe. Who knows?

I blog because this is a place where I can be honest, where I don’t have to wear masks anymore. I really value my honesty a lot.

This is a place where I don’t have to bother about people’s judgement, and society anymore. In short, this is my zone.

Like I said, there are many answers that I have, but I can’t choose a one-point answer.

What about you? Why do you blog?


4 comments on “Why I blog

  1. Hang on, let me just tell you what I’m thinking

    β€œThis kid writes from his heart. He has a passion for writing. It seems impossible for me to not like his writing. The day is not far when he shall realize his dream of writing a novel. He’ll go places” πŸ™‚

  2. Monika Bakshi Singh says:

    …you are my student; I taught you in high school. And I bet, I know this side of you pretty well. πŸ™‚ You will write a novel someday – near or distant future? I don’t know. But I trust you will. And you know that I dream to see you there. bless! bless! bless you from my heart. much love.

Let me know what you are thinking. . .

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