The feel good blog.

After a series of intense blogs on life, learnings, and experiences, I feel its finally time for me to write about something happy. I feel happy tonight. I feel blessed tonight.

Well, this is life, isn’t it? A mixed experience. Not entirely sweet, or sour, or tangy, but just the right proportion of everything. Perhaps there’s no such thing as a happy, perfect life.

We keep chasing that butterfly called ‘happiness’. That’s human nature. And perfectly legitimate, too.

We believe that one day, we’ll earn enough money. We believe one day, we’ll drive that dream car. We believe that one day we’ll have that dream lifestyle, take that dream adventure trip in the mountains, live in that dream apartment, write that dream book.

But, hey, hang on!
Sit down, relax, take a couple of deep breaths, take a good look around. Aren’t you missing what you already have in the mad quest for that elusive ‘one day’?

Just for a moment, allow yourself to think of all the good things you already have.

I believe no individual in this whole world is unfortunate enough to have nothing good to feel good about. So, look around carefully. I’m certain you’ll feel blessed. I’m certain you’ll feel good.

So, turn that frown upside down. Allow yourself the luxury of a smile, the luxury of feeling happy, blessed, and loved – even if for a day. You deserve it!

Happy Sunday!


6 comments on “The feel good blog.

  1. tim wara says:

    Thank you for the very helpful post..

  2. Anisha Mitra says:

    Simple…yet beautiful…

  3. Pure and genuine Happiness… 😀 It feels amazing isn’t it ?

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