A question for you. . .

He ponders over the question for a long time. The question being – Should he regret?

Should he curse himself?
Should he be pulling out his hair, out of desperation and utter despair?

Time, they say, is a one-way street. And, actions have equal and opposite reactions. Our choices lead us to more and more crossroads that offer us more and more choices.

Life is tough. There are choices to make, plans to prepare, and then, there are actions. And, it is in taking action that most men falter. So did he.

And, not taking appropriate action is often the same as inaction. Inaction slowed him down. Instead of moving on to the next crossroad, he found himself at the same juncture, even after much water had passed under the bridge.

Seasons had changed. Autumn had given way to winter.
The harsh winter of life.

But, he stood at the very same crossroad. Comrades had hurried past him a long time ago, and he stood there alone. Cold.

He stood there, battered by the cold winds of doubt and despair. The birds of hope had long given up singing. The atmosphere was heavy with gloom.

His cheeks felt cold suddenly, as he realised that the dams in his eyes had broken. Self-pity, anger, and regret took over.

But, should he regret, after all?

There’s a thing called ‘destiny’. Though some men strongly protest, “Man is the maker of his own destiny.”, but maybe, he had no hand in this play of fate.

Men may not listen to their minds always, but they always follow their hearts. Even if without their own knowledge. And while his mind urged him to act, his heart proposed otherwise. Maybe the heart was wiser. He listened to his heart.

Hence, he stalled. And now, many moons later, he stood at the same crossroad and pondered, “Should I regret?”.

But a voice deep inside said, “You must rejoice, for right here, at this very crossroad, there lie before you two unexplored paths. Two paths never walked on before. And, so, you must rejoice. And walk.”

And, finally he chose not to regret. Standing there at the crossroad, he rejoiced, and then he walked down one of the unexplored paths.

Regret or rejoice – Which one would you choose? Would you regret? Or, would you rejoice?


4 comments on “A question for you. . .

  1. Enlightening πŸ™‚

  2. Trisha Dey says:

    Rejoice of course!! Never regret.. Everything happens for a reason and eventually we get to learn it was for our good..! πŸ™‚

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