The journey that matters most.

People were disappointed in her. They clucked their tongues in sympathy, shook their heads sadly, and heaved out long sighs.

Some even lamented the death of her tremendous untapped potential in their random, daily conversations.

But, what about her? Did she care?
Did she lose much sleep over it?

In life, some questions warrant specific answers. A yes or a no. But she always found it so difficult to answer this question?

Inside, she was a rather vulnerable person, who loved to maintain the facade of indifference. But, in reality, she did care about people’s opinion. Like all of us, she wanted to see heads nodding in agreement, and approving smiles.

So, it really got to her whenever she saw people disagreeing. She WANTED people to agree, but she wouldn’t say a thing, for the fear of coming across as desperate and pushy.

At times, she was scared. Really scared. What if people were right? What if the path she was walking on lead to nowhere. Was she ready to pay the price?

A life wasted in fruitless pursuit – could she live with it?

But, the other side of her was braver, stronger, and a believer. It urged her to walk on. To firmly put each step forward in the quest of a world that was yet undiscovered, whose very existence was a question unanswered. A world where she would finally be ‘at home’. At ease.

“When I reach that world, perhaps then people would finally agree with what I’ve always believed in, won’t they?”, asked her weaker side.

The stronger side smiled gently and replied, “When I reach that world, I will not be needing approving nods, or agreeing smiles any more, for the journey itself shall be reward enough to satiate all desire for approval.”


Let me know what you are thinking. . .

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