‘The green-eyed monster’ and us. . .

FOREWORD : This blogpost is based on a modern day true story.

“He was a hard worker, though not the organised-regular-consistent type.”

“He was more like the highly eccentric, impulse-driven kind that thrives on sudden, suprising bursts of inspiration.”

“He liked to work through the quiet hours of the night, when the ‘sober ones’ snored their ways through their dreams/nightmares.”

“Sometimes, he demonstrated his ability to be annoyingly foolish. He often tended to not see the obvious that lay right in front of his eyes, and went hunting for answers in the whole freaking town. But, hey, come on, who’s not foolish at times? Let us not be judgemental.”

“Ingenuity revealed itself often, as he startled all of us (and maybe, even himself) with his laid-back genius of problem-solving ability.”

“Correct or wrong, good or bad – his ways were unique and worked for him pretty well. He had been doing pretty well.”

“But, one day, his ways just didn’t work for him anymore. He started to fail. Failure begot more failure. And soon, a string of failures stared at him.”

“And the imbecile that he was, he again started to look for answers in the whole of the town, instead of careful introspection.”

“And in that freakishly large town of his, he met the ‘sober ones’ and they became good friends.”

“Impressionable that he was, he soon found himself admiring their ways. Their successes. Their disciplined days (and snoozy nights).
But, soon, admiration gave way to something else. Something bad.”

“Aah! I hate to divulge much about this part, lest he be misjudged.”

“Mmm. . .lets just say that he was attacked by ‘the green-eyed monster’. It took charge of him totally and overpowered his good nature. And secretly within him, grew a ‘bad part’ that started to hate the ‘sober ones’ and resented their success and regretted his failures.”

“He thought that the monster would show him happiness and success. But, he was wrong, alas! He was unhappy. His peace of mind went for a toss. And he felt miserable.”

“One day, out of impulse and sheer desperation, he decided that he had to act and act soon.”

“Thus, there ensued a great battle between him and ‘the green-eyed monster’.”

“A terrifying battle.”

“Every blow that he dealt to the monster ended up shattering the ‘bad part’ inside him. And at last when the ‘bad part’ died, the monster fled.”

“And he won.”

“Soon afterwards, upon introspection, he discovered minor flaws in the ways that he worked. And he rectified them and before long, he was again successful. And happy. And this time he had made a few friends – the ‘sober ones’. Though their ways were poles apart and so were their temperaments, but they managed to have great camaraderie in the end.”

And as this tale comes to a close, this author learns a thing or two about life.

The world needs both ‘sober ones’ and the ‘eccentric ones’. Both are great for the world in their own ways.
What we have to watch out for is ‘the green eyed monster’. And we all are very susceptible to the monster’s attacks, whether we are ‘sober ones’ or a little bit eccentric. . . .


Let me know what you are thinking. . .

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