When silence speaks. . .

He was taken aback.
By the sudden darkness.
By the loud sound of silence.

Sometimes, silence can scare. And mercilessy bring to light all the unpleasant truths one hopes to escape in the din of the world.

Silence whispered to him the truths he had tried to avoid all his life. And he tried desperately to not hear. He closed his ears but alas, the sound came from inside.

From inside him. His soul.

And there was no running away from it.

The truths were harsh, and he wasn’t ready. But, perhaps, that’s how life is. We are never ready. Challenges are thrown at us, and it ends up changing us, molding us. Invariably, for the better.

So, this was his destiny. He was destined to face silence. And he was destined to listen.

Locked up for days together, in total darkness, with nothing but the deafening sound of silence, he survived. Somehow. And listened. And listening was better for him. It broke him. It shook him. It showed him the light.

The light we all need to show us the way.

It made him new.

And, at the very end, when the torture ceased, and through a tiny hole, light made its way to him, he was happy. He was tired and broken, for sure. But he was happy, for now he knew that he would never be alone again. He would never have silence again. For he had discovered his soul. The only one who was his friend, and well-wisher. The only one who mattered. And his soul loved talking. It loved telling him truths.

Truths, one should never escape. And truths we should all know.


5 comments on “When silence speaks. . .

  1. Locked up for days together, in total darkness, with nothing but the deafening sound of silence… It so much sounds like you’ve been through quite a whirlwind.

    Anyways, I am so glad that you’re back. πŸ˜€

  2. Trisha Dey says:

    You know sometimes it gets necessary to remain in the clutches of loneliness in order to understand the true value of togetherness… I am sure the “New” You is much better than before! All’s well that ends well… Good luck! πŸ™‚

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