Much like life. . .

I had been to a fair. On a lovely moonlit evening. With the gentle, cool, evening breeze blowing across my face, I had strolled across the open ground, and investigated the various stalls they had put up. Some had attracted my attention, and I had stopped for a while, to get a better look. Some hadn’t.

It was all colour and jazz, merrymaking and noise, and music too. The boisterous children had run past me, in groups, from one stall to the other. I had seen a lot of faces that evening. Some I still remember. Some I don’t. Some have remembered me. Some haven’t. I was intrigued repeatedly by the wonders I saw – the magic show where the conjurer produced things out of his sleeve, and sometimes, out of thin air. The large ferris wheel that went up and down, that alternately calmed and frightened you as it passed through the lowest and highest point on the wheel.

MUCH LIKE LIFE – it calms and frightens alternately.

Then, suddenly, just like the conjurer’s illusive tricks, I had had a partner, out of nowhere. For the first time that evening. I had loved and let myself be loved. Arm wrapped around my arm, I had walked through the various stalls, happily devouring a cotton candy or two.

Then, as it turned out, it had got just a tad too violently breezy, and had driven the people into frenzy. They had run around for cover, there was dust blowing all around, and darkness had enveloped as the moon was taken hostage by the clouds. In that, many had lost their near and dear ones. I too had lost my partner. There had been too many people crying, looking for their loved ones. For some time, then, I had mourned. With a sad , morose face, I had loitered around the ground, as the people struggled to put up the fallen stalls.

Then, as time had elapsed, I had forgotten, and become happy again. People had forgotten. Sorrow was gone. The fair was at its merry best again. I had had partners again. I had had love again. I had devoured cotton candy again. The fair had come back to life.

As it is with all the good things with life, as the night had grown, the fair too, had come to a close. Lights were out. The music had stopped. The stalls had closed. The place now wore a sad, forlorn look.

I had come home, then, quietly had my dinner, and retired to my lonely, cold bed. As I now lay awake, as I now look through my little window, good times come to mind. The fair – the marvellous shows – the cotton candy – the partners – the love. All had now come to a close. And here was I, alone, back to where I belong. The lovely evening was now over, and I must spend the lonely night alone now.



2 comments on “Much like life. . .

  1. Monika Bakshi Singh says:

    What should I say? Like the spring breeze carrying fragrance of some distant flower, your words carried me away to a “world so unknown, yet known”. I could feel each emotion woven in words, I could capture each feeling so dearly. Can’t explain what I felt, Subhabrata. But I strongly felt something. One of your best writings so far!

  2. Thank you! You’re alwys so generous in appreciation 🙂

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