Move on!!!

Love is a strange emotion. We all have loved and will love again. “The special one” just doesn’t exist. Its just a question of “trial and error” till you find the next best person.

I have felt I was with “the special one” three times. I have felt that nothing can go wrong three times. But things did go wrong, and horribly so – three times. But, we humans are relentless beings. The survival instinct in us always propels us forward, it doesn’t allow us to wait and ponder for long at the loss, we once thought was irreparable.

You feel moving on will never be possible. You have already loved too much, and for too long. Everywhere you go, you see that special person, every place you spent time with the person,starts to haunt you. You even start enjoying being sad and morose. You even start enjoying the “self-pity”.

But, for how long???

The survival instinct starts to rear its head, and before long, there comes along a new person in your life, whose company, you begin to enjoy, whose view points you begin to find stimulating. Its all a part of a process.

And, one fine day, you realize you have moved on – well and truly. You no longer feel sad. You are no longer morose. You no longer have any self-pity. You are no longer that weeping loser you had become.

You have moved on.

This incredible human spirit needs to be ackowledge and given its due.

Yes, we move on. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Life is too short to spend weeping for someone who cared the least about your tears. We won’t live forever. We have every right to look for our happiness and the person who brings us that happiness. Everyone has the right to be happy.



7 comments on “Move on!!!

  1. Monika Bakshi Singh says:

    Marvelous subject to write on! I believe all of us can connect well with it! It’s hard to move on, but not impossible. Cheers to the spirit of life…and the spirit of love. The heart never waits for the lost, it moves on in quest of the one who would love you more than he did. Loved reading this short and crisp blog post. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you:-)
      Part of this post is courtesy the conversation we had this evening. So, all credits to you:) !

      • Monika Bakshi Singh says:

        Certainly not! You are exceptionally good at communicating your thoughts through words and you so beautifully leverage your skills to the fullest. I love your style of writing,

  2. Flattered πŸ˜€ . Grinning from ear to ear!

  3. Priyanka Das says:

    This post is simply touching.. it can be related spontaneously with everyone …who loved… and still loves… and yes if it is hurting you.. you really need to MOVE ON πŸ™‚

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