Happy Endings. . .

Endings. The word holds a negative connotation. Well, generally. Not if it is a happy ending.
We all love happy endings. Be it in our larger than life Bollywood movies, or in our regular lives, we have all come to believe that endings should be happy.

Maybe it is the childhood fairy tales that we liked reading, or the feel good movies, somehow, we’ve all been conditioned to believe that endings are invariably happy. And they should be happy.

But, what if, your ending is not happy?
What if , you miss the object of your desire just by few inches. Barely. And thank you very much Sir. Its over, its time for you to go home. You’ve lost.

What do you do then???
Your end has not been happy. What next???

A year or two back, a girl from the most prestigious College of my city had committed suicide. She was a Zoology student – a bright student. But her grades were not that encouraging. She had flunked the second year of her degree.

Now, our university allows us the freedom to appear for two consecutive years together in such cases, to prevent the student from losing a precious year.

But it is a huge ask. Appearing for the second and third year of degree simultaneously is no mean feat. But, she was an ambitious girl, she just wanted the end to be happy. In her case, the ‘end’ was to clear Degree exams without losing a year.

She failed to achieve that. One of her second year papers was tough, and she flunked. She was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her department, the morning after her second year results were declared.


And she decided to end it in a sadder manner, by taking her life.
The problem with us ambitious people is that we hate losing, we hate failure, we hate pain, we hate tears. We like to be happy, we like to sign off happily.

And when that doesn’t happen, we are in trouble. At least, we think we are.

For us, life comes with a “sell-by-date”.
We have to win within a certain date, a certain year- otherwise the whole sequence of our future plans will be jeopardised. So, we have to have a happy ending by a certain date.

Its all well and good to be ambitious, when the winds are favourable. The problem starts when the winds get rough. We haven’t been taught to handle failure.
What do you do when your pre-decided “sell-by-date” is not met???

Well, just broaden your horizon, get a new sell-by-date, get new, bigger dreams!!!
As the tagline of a popular soft-drink commercial says – “CHANGE THE GAME”.

You want a happy ending. Fair enough. But, don’t put a date on the happy ending.
If your end is not happy, then its not the end. Your journey is not over. Walk on.


4 comments on “Happy Endings. . .

  1. Anisha mitra says:

    …touches a chord Subh…the girl u mentioned was someone i knew since school….and the shock of what ‘end’ she decided to choose is unexplainable….understand what the pain is when things do not happen within the stipulated date we set ourselves…and it takes a lot to push oneself and move on….kudos to u on touching such a sensitive aspect of our life in such a beautiful manner… the journey can never be over…be it happy or not…

  2. its all about success my dear and at tyms in life dis hunger for success forces people to commit such mistake……. u never knw wht wil hpn to u n ur frns d very nextt moment…..so b prepared my boy …..

  3. Whoa! How do you manage so much of negativity?

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