About life and uncertainty. . .

If life is a journey, how important is it to get to the end? And more importantly, what is that end?

Withering away slowly?
Ceasing to exist one fine morning?

That’s the only thing certain about this otherwise uncertain life. Certainty is a most sought after word in this world. One would like to be certain that after one leaves this world, one’s family continues to exist happily, and hence the advent and the flourish of insurance companies and their fancy policies.

One would like to be sure that one’s son makes it to the top most engineering colleges of the nation and hence one prepares accordingly to save sufficient money, right from the time one’s son is a two-year old.

But often one is so worried about that “coveted” end , that one choses not to enjoy the journey. One is so worried about “certainty”, that one forgets to enjoy the thrill of uncertainty.

Why does everything have to be so certain in life, when the concept of life itself is uncertain? You meet a girl at the bus station, your eyes meet, you talk, you enjoy the talk, and when she boards down the bus, you are already starting to wonder when you can next meet.

Why can’t you be satisfied with the fact that you’ve met her in this very big journey called life, you have travelled some distance together, and if it is to be, you will meet again, and travel some more distance together, and if it is to be, she’ll be with you till you reach the very end of this journey.

We often spend too much time trying to be certain about the things in life, over which we have no control.

What we can do instead is, we can be thankful for the wonderful surprises we get from life, and not clamour for more.
If we can manage to do that, then life will be ready with new surprises for us everyday. Instead of being overtly worried about the next surprise, we can then enjoy the moment, while it is still here. . . . .


7 comments on “About life and uncertainty. . .

  1. Monika Bakshi Singh says:

    Another very beautiful post from you! I am surprised at the pace you are growing as a seasoned writer. Well, the post was an honest confession of a searching heart. I know you asked these questions to yourself before penning them down. I know you must have been face-to-face with this bitter reality of the uncertainty of life. Only then, you could write such a lovely piece. But to be honest, we all are humans with insatiable needs. We live in the life-state called “hunger”. Hence, often one is so worried about that “coveted” end , that one choses not to enjoy the journey of life. To sum it up – A very beautiful post. Thought provoking!

    • Its almost as if u are endowed with psychic qualities, Ma’am! Yes, i’ve asked myself these questions. Hence the blog post. I like your analysis. It tells me things about myself, which I don’t alwys realise. Thank u.

      • Monika Bakshi Singh says:

        🙂 May you always ask questions to yourself and seek their answers. May you always succeed in understanding and absorbing the hidden secrets of life.

  2. "Maybe* says:

    last few lines- ❤ ❤

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