My questions to the Indian Shoe-thrower

The Indian Shoe-thrower :
The new breed of angry, young men, with hot blood coursing through their veins (and pockets made hot by rival political parties), has taken the political world by storm.

Their close associates are the recently formed Indian Ink-throwers, who, using their accurate aim, have blackened the left eye of a very famous Baba.

Shoe throwing first gained popularity in Iraq, when George Bush Junior was attacked. Bush ducked to evade the shoe, but was immediately greeted by “This is from the women and children of Iraq, dog!”, shouted by his assailant.

It has gained great mileage in India over the last one and a half year. Prominent Indians like P.Chidambaram, Prashant Bhushan, Rahul Gandhi etc. have been at the recieving end of the shoe.

But my concern is the not the hapless and helpless Indian politician in the spate of recent shoe attacks, but the agitated Indian Shoe-thrower. I have a few questions to ask the Indian Shoe-thrower :

1. Why shoes? Why throw shoes? If your aim is to inflict maximum pain to the target then you could throw some heavier objects like paper weights, stones, the first Seimens cell phone from the year 1998 etc.. That would’ve made some sense. Why this puzzling attachment to shoes?

2. When you throw a shoe at a target, it usually renders the other half of the pair useless. What do you do with the other shoe then? If you want full return on investment, then you could throw both the shoes.

3. Have you been approached by leading shoe companies like Bata, khadims, Reebok, Nike etc. for brand tie ups? Just imagine what superb publicity it would provide to the shoe companies. You are sitting at home, watching the evening news, and suddenly the channel flashes visuals of a flying shoe with BATA printed on it . The shoe flies across the room and hits the cheek of the politician you abhor!! What more could one ask for as a viewer? Instant gratification. And i bet it would make every BATA wearer proud of his brand.

4. How many hours in a day do you practise shoe throwing in a day? Because you guys seem to have accurate aim barring a few incidents when the shoe missed.

5. Do you see shoe throwing as a hot career prospect in the coming years?

Any answers???


12 comments on “My questions to the Indian Shoe-thrower

  1. Subir says:

    Speak in my

  2. rofl!!! man tat was awesom! 😀

  3. Rajarshi says:

    gud wrk. A gr8 read!! The sense of humour makes it al the more interestin!!

  4. manas says:


  5. clinock says:

    Brilliant and hilarious – perhaps the ‘shoe’ symbol is used because the thrower thinks the target is a real heel – or maybe it’s just a ‘soulful’ expression of anger ‘laced’ with revolutionary anger – walk on brother…

  6. I believe the thrower chooses ‘shoe’ because of a two-point agenda :
    1. It’ll hurt the victim physically.
    2. It’ll soil his face if the bottom side makes connection.
    Insult plus Injury 😉

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