This is a tribute to the species that will soon become extinct. Not the tiger, not the one horned rhino, its the HUMAN WITH AN EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT. The ones who can still sympathise with the pain of others, the ones who still stop their cars on their way to office to run to the help of an ailing elderly by the roadside, the ones who can still cry unabashedly when moved by a hard-luck story, the ones who will fight eve teasers instead of just enjoying the ‘show’. Be warned, though, they are a scarce lot. Welcome to the emotional ice age. The age where people consider crying as being sissy, the age where emotions r not to brought out of the closet in front of everyone. Its the age of fast cars, well dressed ladies and gentlemen, huge bungalows, but little, puny, insecure hearts, which fear even to walk down the road to say ‘hi’ to the new neighbour. It is the world of nuclear housing ‘societies’, where u can celebrate diwali with the people living in your building, but u must not extend a helping hand to complete stranger. Why? Well, because he’s a stranger.
This is the world we live in today. And we must really give it a thought whether one day like the ipad, iphone, ipod, we shall also come to be known as ihuman. Suave,smart, educated, rich, but deep inside, all very, very LITTLE. Give it a thought….


12 comments on “ihuman

  1. Monika Bakshi Singh says:

    Brilliant write-up. You have touched the core of living. Will wait for more from you. Just loved it!

  2. Jaydei says:

    We are not extinct. Look in the world of artists, musicians and writers. We still feel. Look up TED talks. People help others with innovative and inspiring ideas.

    • I’m extremely sorry if i sounded too pessimistic. I understand there are still people out there who feel, who extend a helping hand to the needy. But the backdrop of my blogpost wasn’t too optimistic and i guess, it made me see things very negatively. Apologies.

      • Jaydei says:

        No need to apologise! It is understandable to be disillusioned so long as we know after our negative moments that there is still lots of hope left for the world… What is the backdrop, if I may ask?

      • The backdrop…..its nothing in particular….but a few incidents bunched together. Living in a developing country u get to experience all these stark contrasts that make u think. N that make u very very angry. For instance I don’t know how people can still live with examples where fine, educated young men have driven their mothers out of their homes forcing them to lead the life of a vagabond, begging for sustenance. N yet these young achievers are still respected in society. It stirs me.

      • Jaydei says:

        I know what you mean… India shows us many truths about society and human nature which can be frustrating and very angering. Everything is open to see on a daily basis and part of our everyday reality. No cocooning. But people who think, write, paint, perform drama, music or dance, bring humans together and evoke our goodness. There are more of us than you think and there is always hope for change so long as we refuse to accept things the way they are and do what we can to change things; being compassionate in our own relationships, doing the right thing by not littering or polluting etc etc. And using our creativity for change. change happens in each of our individual minds. Each of us can ‘be the change we want to see’. And all our little droplets of good humanity can flow together with momentum eventually.

      • Thats a very refreshing philosophy. In fact i have a friend who still goes about collecting wrappers from us when we are in a group, after we’ve had chocolate or something just so that we don’t litter. I quite like your approach to life.. I’d love to b your friend. R u on facebook?

      • Jaydei says:

        Yes. I can add you. Do you go by the same name there?

      • Ya. Same name. Subhabrata Dasgupta.

      • Jaydei says:

        Too many results. Add me; Janani Dhinakaran, Oldenburg

  3. manas says:

    excellent!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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